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I played the game for about an hour and it crashed my computer but the problem is now when i start up the game its stuck in the loading screen.

ive verified the integrity of the files twice

uninstalled it and re-installed it

what should i do?

I Love the game by the way, im looking forward to more content in the future once you are past the release and all the problems that arise from a new game

Hi! Did you install the newest patch 0.1.1? This should have fixed the problem ;)

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You can download the Prototype again, which was the version included in the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality :)

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Run Linux exclusively but, love the game so much just bought on Steam to support the developers.
Good news.  A quick test using Steam Proton and the game runs with less CPU overhead than other verified Proton Games (Bejeweled).

I was able to drop cpu utilization from 250% to little above 200%

I have a 4 year old gaming rig (4 core intel, 1080gtx)

By capping the FPS from 60 to 30 and changing resolution from 2k to 1080p.  With low paced nature of the game and art style cannot see much of a difference.

Steam > Settings > Steam Play,

Under Advanced:  Check "Enable Steam Play for All Other Titles"

Looking real good. Will get it on PC asap. What engine are you using? Would happily buy for both Android and Stadia too :) Some engines have built in support for those, so hoping it'll be smooth to release on Android and Stadia too in the future! Check out the Stadia Makers program! Could be a good fit for some funding perhaps? :) 

Congrats on the Steam/GOG launch which looks to be going really well!

Will we get the old free prototype back here? I own the full game on Steam already, but would also like to have back my access to the prototype that I bought in the bundle back then :)

Hi, YES!

In fact you can download the prototype again now :)

I sure hope we're getting a Linux build on Steam (and Itch, ofc) soon. Buying in advance and waiting patiently to be able to run it again :D

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I've just played the demo (still available on GOG), and I love it!  It's the single-player Carcasonne I've always wanted!

This probably isn't a priority for anyone but me, but do you have any plans for a photo mode please?  A way to view our landscape "clean" (no UI or point markers) when it's done, for screenshots?  Or even a creative mode were we select the exact piece we want, to build the village of our dreams (disabling the score for cheaters, obviously!)?  I love the software toy Townscaper, and this has the same kind of vibe.

hi i cant find the demo in the GOG website, where i the website did you find it




you can try adding skin packs when reaching a score

Can't wait! Is there any way I can volunteer my time to contribute to a Dutch translation?

Yes! please contact us at contact at toukana dot com


Can't wait to get it on Steam. 

Super gemacht!


hi , i have buy this on Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality 

i can't download - the release is also on ?

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From the last update: 

We still plan to release Dorfromantik on as well. Currently, however, we can not support too many platforms at the same time, because we simply lack the necessary man-power as a 4-man team. We don't want to rush things but rather give a worthy launch, which we currently have planned for the months after the Early Access launch on Steam.


thank you :)

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Hi Included in the Bundle was the very old prototype and Demo, not the full game :) We will Release Dorfromantik on Steam and GOG only for now. Thanks for asking!

Does that mean that "the bundle" will not have the full game available to download? I'm confused.

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Hi, yes. But you can download the prototype again now :)


Hi, the version you got in the bundle with 1000+ other games for 5$ 288 days ago was the PROTOTYPE & DEMO, the full game was not even released at that point.

You can download the prototype again now :)


I would love to give this game a try. It is included in the racial bundle which I got a few months ago, but there doesn't seem to be a download button anywhere on this site. Still any chance to get it or is it too late?

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Hi Included in the Bundle was the very old prototype and Demo, not the full game :) We will Release Dorfromantik on Steam and GOG only for now. Thanks for asking!

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Hi, you can download the prototype again now :)

Hey when the game is released will it be available here? or on GOG? or somewhere other than Steam? I hope so! It looks great!!

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Hi! It will release on Steam and GOG on the 25th of March ;)


I had and played the demo on steam and LOVED it but now the demo seems to be unavailable :(  I assume this is on purpose but it makes me sad.  I look forward to playing early access though!


Very cool little game.  One suggestion I have is to change how the numbers are presented to "<45", "=45", and ">45".   That will make them uniform.  (I noticed that without the equals sign, both I and other players initially missed that a precise number was needed.  ("45+" would need to become ">44".)  Other than that, it is a thoroughly enjoyable experience.  Bravo!


For what it's worth, I disagree.  I think 45+ is pretty obvious, whereas many people get confused as to > vs < and what they mean.  No one gets confused about +

I've wishlisted this on Steam! Your changelog said that you uploaded a demo version for Windows, can I download the demo? How do I do so?


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i really love this game, how can i get the preview edition of this game??guys??heheheh


You can download the prototype again now :)


This is so good. I've played the demo almost every day to destress. I get so into it that the little bummer sound effect when I hit the tile limit surprises me every time! Three quick suggestions if you haven't thought of them already:

  1. mountain and/or hill tiles
  2. snow biome 
  3. biome transitions on the map (if it doesn't already exist - there're not enough tiles in the demo to try it)

I'm anxiously awaiting the early access release so I can play more tiles!


Thanks for your feedback! Biome transitions are already implemented, but will be more visible in the full version :)


Where can we donate to help with dev costs? This game is fantastic! Also, please make a "sandbox" mode where we can just place tiles without "tasks."


Thank you so much :) I guess buying the game and leaving a nice review when it is released is the perfect way to support our work! Sth like a sandbox mode is definetly planned and will come during early access.


can't wait for the full thing!


will there be a new demo Linux build?


I've tried the Linux demo, and aside from some black images in the tutorial I'm not sure were supposed to be there everything seemed to be running fine!

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Yep ditto. Only the last tutorial image showed; the others were black squares. Game seemed to do well otherwise!

(edit: also mousewheel rotation only works in one direction... not sure if that is intended)

same for me. I did notice intermittent flashing on the end game screen.

Wasn't sure if that was intentional nag effect to say go buy it?

Also, same as Joel B with the mouse scroll.

I watched a YouTube channel I follow play through this and immediately put it on my steam wishlist. What are the chances this will end up on phone/tablets as well? It seems like the ultimate “I have five minutes at work”/“I’m on an airplane.” Game. 

Thanks for wishlisting ! Phone/ tablet version can possibly happen, and is dependent on the PC launch. More information here:

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Hi! Lovely little demo; addictive, chill and charming with good, simple mechanics - looking forward to the full game!

In terms of camera controls I've noticed three things that I keep expecting/trying/wanting to do:
- rotating the map with Q and E (to make it more consistent with the tile rotation)
- panning the map with WASD (especially left and right with A and D)
- the camera pivoting around/closer to the cursor location, rather than the center of the screen...? Or some way to mitigate the amount of panning I have to do after I rotate the camera.
(Typically I only rotate the camera in order to get the quest boxes out of the way of where I'm considering placing a tile - perhaps the quest boxes could be nudged slightly out of the way when hovering the current tile "behind" the tiles with quest markers? As a means of reducing the need to rotate, that is.)

Yup :)

Edit: the more I play (and get used to the controls), the more I miss edge scrolling (or being able to pan using the same QE + WASD control scheme).
Also, I love the way water tiles are closed when placed next to non-water tiles. Very satisfying.
I wish the grain tiles would do something similar to that when placed facing non-grain tiles - instead of always having the same sharp edges regardless of what it's facing.

Thanks for your feedback :) working on it!

Hey! Where I can download the Mac version?


Hey! Had a look at this game and it looks great! Added it to my wishlist on steam :)

Just wanted to know if you were thinking of a switch/mobile release at some point?
I think my mother might really like this game but she isn't much of a 'pc-gamer' haha

Regardless I will look forward to the game release!

Thanks for adding Dorfromantik to your wishlist :) helps us a lot!

Concerning a switch/mobile version we started a FAQ thread in the steam community hub, where we answer this and some more questions.

In case you wanna have a look:


You have created such a wonderful and elegant game using the most basic components! This is a prime example of indie game design at its best!

I spent many many hours playing your demo and trying to maximize my score ;) I would recommend 2 UI improvements for you that would be easy to implement:

  • Show the pre-calculated score before placing the next tile at the currently selected position. It is difficult to guess how many points we would get at a given position/rotation, so let's help the player with this calculation to determine the optimal position. The prospective score could be displayed in the middle of the tile like this (the red arrows just indicate that the partial sums can be moved closer to the tile borders): 
  • Display "Continuation Markers" to clearly indicate in which direction a forest, village or farmland can be extended in the future. For railways and waterways, it is very clear that they can be extended only in a given direction, no surprises for those! But sometimes I accidentally closed a forest or a village formation, because I could not see if a tree or house touches the edge of a tile or not (which means no continuation). This is most important when placing a new tile. Furthermore, any "gaps" separating the trees or houses within a tile can also be misleading, so we should mark those gaps somehow. The following image uses simple green triangles as continuation markers for the forest, and I highlighted a gap in the big forest with a red line:

Of course, I understand that you are striving for a minimally intrusive UI and these extra indicators might look a bit weird. You can design them to properly blend with the game's overall aesthetic. Alternatively, you could make these UI elements optional, so the players can turn them on/off as they like!

I wish you the best of luck with this project!

Thanks for the extensive feedback, we are working on it :)


I just wanna play this game so bad, this 75 demo tiles aint near enough..


I had a lot of fun looking at this game as my first impression of 2021, I hope you all enjoy this little peaceful game put some music on and play and have some fun creating some great city imagery. 


Hi. Can you please make a macOS or HTML5 demo build?

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Will the Steam release see a Linux build too?

The only issue I encountered were black boxes, where videos should be for the controls in the intro - which is a codec issue (use something like webm or vp8). Apart from that it seemed wonderful.

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My friend and I have become hooked on this game (the graphics are stunning and it's a perfect game to unwind with after work)! We did want to suggest the possibility of having a 'bird's eye view' option, to see our creation easier in its entirety (and not just at a tilted angle) as we build.

Thank you for giving us another game to bond over! :D

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Cute game! Some feedback/suggestions:


- When I rotated, I often found areas I was interested would fly off the screen. I think the pivot point is too low on the screen, and it would be better near the centre of the screen.

- With the mouse rotate, you could try pivoting about the point where the mouse drag started from. This would give the player fine control about what stays in view.

- Right-click on a tile could rotate the current tile clockwise.  (Perhaps Shift-click for counter-clockwise.) Currently tile rotation is done with mouse wheel, but I would like the wheel to stay consistent, and zoom at all times.

- Another option could be to have modal tiles: the first left-click places the tile, then right-click rotates it, then a second left-click finalises the placement.

- Carcassonne also does it modally, but with simpler controls: left-click places the tile, and then left-click rotates the tile. There is a separate button, a big tick button in the corner of the screen, to confirm the placement.

- When zooming with mouse wheel,  zoom into the point where the mouse is focused. (Like Google Maps!)

- Lots of games put panning on middle-mouse-drag. You could do that too (without necessarily removing it from left-mouse-drag).

- (My mouse wheel is digital rather than analog. As a result, the zoom jumps are really large. The map is either tiny, or huge! Configuration for the zoom rate could help with this. However, this might only be a problem with my desktop setup.)


- If this is a casual game, why not add an undo button? Then I can experiment with making the scene just how I like it.

- Alternatively, give the player 3 pickup cards. At any point in the game, they can consume a card to pick up an existing tile. The tile could go to the top of the stack, forcing them to place it elsewhere. The empty space would then be free for another tile to be placed.


- (I know multiplay is a lot of extra work. But it might not hurt to plan for the future...)

- Mode 1: Deck is hidden, except for the next card. Players place tiles in turn, and gain points for placing the final tile in a quest.

- Mode 2: Or, all players play alone, but with the same starting deck, to see who can fulfil the most quests with that deck. (This one might be easier to implement. It could even be played asynchronously, e.g. by email.)

- Based on mode 2, each day could seed a new deck for everyone in the community to play and compete.

I hope this nice game will receive the success it deserves.

Wow, thank you very much! That's some great feedback and great ideas :) We will definetly try out a bunch of them!


adorable game. dearly look forward to what's ahead



I kept a watchful eye on Dorfromantik for the last couple of weeks but only now will have the time to test it out - but the Mac version has disappeared! :(

Is it planned (at least for the release) to also do a Mac version again?

Hey Donbachi! We had lot's of technical issues with the Mac Prototype version and as none of us owns a Mac we can not really offer support and fix the issues. For now Dorfromantik will only be released for Windows PC but if you write us a email at contact(at)toukana(dot)com we will send you the Mac prototype ;)

Sorry for these news, but we are a small team and have lot's of things to work on, the Mac playerbase is very small still and thus not a priority for now.

I hope you understand, cheers!


Hi ZwiZausch,

being in the software business myself I know what it means to "add just another platform" :)

So yes, I totally can understand that you need to focus on your main audience, no problem. And thanks for the idea with the prototype, I'll follow suite.

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One thing you could try on Mac is to run the Windows version through wine.

brew install wine

wine "Dorfromantik Demo.exe"

This approach is working fine here on Linux, so I think there's a good chance it will work for you.


Good evening,
I have just tested the Linux version. This works except for the following problems without problems on ArchLinux with current updates:
Problem 1: rotating the fields does not work with the mouse wheel.
Problem two: some fields in the stack of cards change their appearance constantly.
Problem 3: there is no gameover screen.

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Hey Frankenstein91, as you may have read in the title of the Linux download, it is the old prototype version of Dorfromantik, not the newer demo. Controls were different back then and many improvements (like tile rotation, game over screen etc) are features added in the currently windows-only demo. We'll upload a untested Linux build tomorrow, but as we're a small team and focused mostly on a PC release, we cant' offer support for it. We hope you understand :)


I have understanding, even if it makes me a little sad. So, I' d like to offer myself as a Linux tester, free of charge for you.


We've uploaded a linux build of the Demo, we hope it works for you ;)


Hi Toukana,
I found the first to (I think) bugs...
First of all the Tutorial images are black, only the last shows a real image.
Second bug is with the sea card... the coast is sometimes missing while the first rotation


rotating with mous wheel works only one way


this was a very good run... it looks perfect

This is my current high score...

Deleted 1 year ago

I just played the Demo and it is fabulous. At first, I was really confused about the new Quest-Desinge, but after a while, I got it, and it's great. I love it. I just have two questions.
First: Will there be a "free build"-mode?
Second: Will there be different levels of difficulty (cause it felt rather easy to get points)?
All in all, I'm rooting for you and the game.

Hi OF5, thank you for commenting and you nice feedback.

1. YES Dorfromantik will have a free mode on release.
2. The balancing/difficulty is something we are still working on and we can't say definitve things but it will certainly offer a challenge. There will be new forms of quests. But we don't want to be too specific for now ;)

Thanks for playing and supporting!

Thank you for your answers. I totally understand that you we want to keep your secrets 😉
I'm super excited for the release of your game.

At the moment I'm just playing the demo over and over. Have a great day!

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