A downloadable game for Windows

A relaxing village building game.


This is the original Prototype game idea for Dorfromantik created in April 2020 for Ludum Dare 46. This free prototype got submitted and accepted for the "Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality" as a free game.

Dorfromantik is a peaceful building strategy and puzzle game where you create a beautiful and ever-growing village landscape by placing tiles.

After getting lots of positive feedback we decided to start working on a full game based on this game idea. The full game DORFROMANTIK was released on Steam and GOG on March 25th 2021 by our newly formed studio Toukana - you can download our Presskit HERE. If you like the Dorfromantik Prototype and would like to stay up to date, please consider following us on Twitter or on our Itch-page


Dorfromantik PROTOTYPE (from Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality)) 30 MB

Install instructions


Download the archive and unpack it with Winzip/7zip or equivalent. Open the newly created folder and doubleclick the executable "Dorfromantik.exe" - have fun building!

Development log


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Does he have any way to create freely? Like you can choose the pieces you want to wear?

Thanks for the awesome game! It'd be great if I could disable the mouse-wheel for rotation, and only use it for zooming. As it is, I sometimes have to struggle to find a bit of background in order to be able to zoom. Also, when zooming in, the background may "go away" from under the cursor, which then ends up over a tile, and starts rotating it. Perfect otherwise :)

ta bien asi que 1000/1000 gg

Love to see this on the PS4 or Switch :-)

me parece un juego muy bonito y bueno 10/10 :D


Hey guys, just wanted to inform you that this user is sharing your assembly https://github.com/SpaceyGnat/Dorfromantik-Mod

which I think is copyright violation? Also, good game


I wish I could play it in browser or Mac!Please note me if in the future it'll be available.

I have a Mac version of this game which is already several years old, I don't know if a mac version still exists today or if the developers have given up on the idea.


You can play it on Mac using CrossOver 21. Download the GoG version, make a windows 10 64bit bottle and point it to the executabile.

Works perfect on a M1 MacBook Air

I'll take a look, thanks!

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I mainly play this game on my desktop but I also have a 32 bit ARM64 laptop. I wasn't able to even download the game (steam prevented me since it wouldn't work on my laptop), but I am able to download and install it now on my laptop. Whenever I open it, however, I get a steam error message saying "the game you are installing requires a 64bit version of Windows". Was this some sort of error on steams behalf? If not, are you guys going to make a 32 bit version?


Please tell me there will eventually be a console release?!


Amazing prototype and I love what it grew into :)
Can't wait for the full release!!


devs decided NOW that the game we bought was a "PROTOTYPE" just to make people buy again. It's a proven way to generate distrust.

Deleted 2 years ago
Deleted 2 years ago
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You donated 5$ in total for the whole bundle of 1000+ projects, games, free demos and prototypes (like ours), music, comics etc for a good cause.

The real game Dorformantik wasn't even out yet.

There is currently a free Demo for Dorformantik on Steam available until may 9th if you are interested in our game which we developed fulltime for a year now: Dorfromantik on Steam (steampowered.com)


That's the peak of entitlement. Sorry that indie developers don't throw their games at you for what, 0.005 cents a pop?


Well they didn´t have to put their game into the bundle. After all it was free at that time and we still bought it. If you paid for software and want the newest version that´s not entitlement, that should be your right. Doesn´t matter at what price you bought it, it was part of a bundle and they weren´t forced to put their game in the bundle. They did it because they were ok with the conditions. But now it was only a prototype. You support the developer buying and playing an alpha version and then comes the full release and you have to buy the game again. You wouldn´t want that to happen, would you?


Idk, this entire bundle looks more like a charity drive with the added benefit of getting a huge amount of games.

I thought the whole point of buying the Racial Equality bundle was to support a good cause not getting as much value as possible out of it?

Deleted 2 years ago
Deleted 2 years ago

It is for charity, you are right. But why put a free game in the bundle? I paid for something that is or rather was free. And I do mind that but it´s ok because there are other nice things in the bundle. But clearly there is no benefit for me having a free game in the bundle.
But if you as a developer decide to put the game in this bundle then have the decency and give the people who paid for the game the game. Give the people Updates of the game and don´t declare the game a "Prototype" when clearly it wasn´t. They wanted publicity back then and now they want money. If it truly were for charity then why won´t they give the updated version of the game? I don´t want this game for free just because it was free. It was the develpers decision to give me this game in the bundle. They put it there and I bought it. And now people demand to get the product they bought and suddenly it was all along a "Prototype" with the same name, mostly same gameplay, same everything or to put in in better describing words: an outdated Version of a game. That is no good business practice, it is in fact bad business practice. And I don´t want this to happen to any other game because if it does you can never be sure if you have to pay for future updates for any game, or not.

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Deleted 2 years ago

My brother-in-law streamed this game to me and I decided to buy it immediately. The game is so nice I also want to buy it for my mother :D She likes puzzle and relaxing games, but she usually plays on iPad. Is the game available on mobile, or do you have plans to port it?


such a nice game! I'd love to see  the final version running natively on Mac M1


Fantastic game :) 

The only possible suggestion I have is to highlight the rail/water tiles? I placed a few rail ends without realizing it... but I was tired. 

Love the music, art, tutorial, UI, controls, game... it's fantastic. 


Can we have a Linux version of the game?


Hi guys,

Just want to say: good job, I'm really enjoying the game so far! I only have one question: are you guys working on a mac version? If so, take your time! I will be patiently waiting :)

Would you please update the prototype/demo? I really wish to play this game, however, I am uncertain of when I'll be able to afford it.

Ciao ho visto dei video di dorf romantik e mi piacerebbe giocarlo ma dato che non possiedo un PC potreste fare una versione per dispositivi android? Sere be bellissimo


Moin Jungs,

sind ja mehr Internationale Spieler hier im Feedback, aber ich denke, das wird nicht lange so bleiben.^^ Da es ein wunderschönes Spiel ist, stressfrei einfach mal zu puzzeln, macht weiter so. Dankeschön.

Hab es mir auf Steam geholt, um euch etwas zu unterstützen.

Eure Interview mit  Writing Bull hab ich mir auch angeschaut, um bissl mehr zu erfahren. Ihr wollt es ja einfach halten, aber evtl. gefällt euch meine Idee.

Man sollte die Möglichkeit haben sein Wunsch Sechseck selber zu basteln. Mit jedem perfekten Abschluss darf man eine Seite bestimmen, welches Biome man da haben möchte. Nach sechs Perfekten sind alle Seiten belegt und man kann dieses Wunschhexagon verwenden. Alle damit gemachten Perfekts zählen aber dann nicht mit für den nächsten Aufbau, sonst hat man zu schnell das Nächste.

Dann viel Erfolg bei eurem Spiel, der zweifelslos noch richtig durchstartet....

LG Temu


hab euer Spiel gerade gekauft und finde es super zum Herunterkommen und Stressabbauen. Auch echt schöne Umsetzung.

Ein paar Feature-"Wünsche" bzw. -Ideen hätte ich trotzdem. *g*

- UI Ausblenden / Foto-Modus
- Top-Down Ansicht (Strategie-Modus, kann auch vereinfachte Grafik sein)
- Ein oder mehrere Platzhalter, an denen man Teile zurücklegen kann, so dass man immer zwischen 2 - 4 Teilen wählen kann.
- Brücken: Teile das ein zusammenhängendes Gebiet auch über Flüsse oder Schienen hinweg bestehen bleibt.

Bin gespannt was ihr daraus noch macht.

VG und weiter so!


Hi guys,

I don't know whether this has already been commented, but I think that bridges would be a very good addition to the game. I think that it suits the feel of the game very well. With a bridge I mean a train track that goes over a river.

Excellent idea!


Hey guys, I know you can't dive into the Linux or the Mac version just yet, but can you make the game available on GeforceNow, that would be perfect for my case.


Hi guys,

very nice game, slow, relaxing, wonderful soundscape, cute graphics.

I do have some suggestions to finetune the game though:

- probably the most important is: don't call it "game over" and play that bummer music and a "try again"-Button. That always sounds like the player lost the game and needs to try again. Rather say something like "session ended", show a lot of statistics where the player was successfull, e.g. "the longest train route", the most distance between tiles, most tiles, biggest city, ... whatever simply list a few interesting improvements that the player never got before. And then call the button "next session"

- make it possible to undo the last placement, it can happen that one places a tile accidentally due to the way the landscape is rotated and moved

- have a shortcut key to center the tile you are hovering, otherwise navigation is a bit cumbersome

- those flags that you place to close an area are really hard to see, you might want to make them more visible

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Will there be a Linux version of the full game? Preferably on GoG?


This game is so fantastic and it is such a nice workout for the brain. I can’t get enough of it. Here are some proposals from my side. Even if I don’t see them implemented it is still an incredible game as it is!

New tiles

 1, Train Station. Some straight tracks should have a Train Station on them - like the Watermill for the rivers

2. Water Bridge - there should be a bridge tile that connects cities/forests/farms on two sides of the river into one entity

3. Train Tunnel - similar to the water bridge  but with a train track

4. Train Bridge - a train track  over the landscape not under it Maybe there could e a variant over a river.

5. Waterfall - a water river tile that will stop boats from moving. This will create river sections which boats can operate and you can have long river systems but with concentrated boats on some sections you want, like lakes and oceans

6. A Mountain tile with snowy tops. Can be considered a forest tile


1. Auto naming closed forests, farms and villages. Every of those items can be closed without a closing quest. When farms are above 10 for example it will name them Farms/Fields etc, or forests/groves/glens plus the name you type/autogenerate. There could be limits under which closed items will not be named but for example a village with 20 to 200 houses will be named X village. between 200 and 400 houses - X town and over 400 houses a city. Name Tags can be able to rotate with map, can be editable and when pointed should say the number of closed items, i.e 12 fields, 56 Households etc. Should be able to hide names with a button or setting

2. Changing of village/town /city appearance. When a settlement reaches a certain size - closed or not, all tiles participating could change visuals to incorporate roads instead of dirt. Towns could have cobbled visuals instead of dirt ones and Cities could have asphalt visuals with traffic lights and with nice paved edges where connected to field, forest, farms, oceans, rivers and tracks

3. A hills biome where when you build cities/farms and forests will appear build on hills.

New functions

1. A save button to save the level /city that you made and reached a Highscore for. Later that save can be opened in  Creative and finish the edges to create a nice picture

2. Creative mode as planned to create maps of already existing places or finish the edges of those that you already closed on Classic mode. Should be able to brush biomes where you want

3. A save screenshot of your map to create a rectangular image/png/jpg file

4. The WASD controls for sliding the map are too slow when map gets large - over 25- 30K points. I am using the LMB to scroll around on larger maps but I am very scared not to accidentally place the tile with it. I think scrolling around should be with the push scroll button. Only one button to place a tile this way. Unless you can do a button to UNDO last move. Then it is OK and I won’t be afraid to make a slip of the finger.

5. Hints button  which lights a hex when there is a perfect/near perfect match - for those that are lazy to find the spot. Maybe good for easy games

Deleted 2 years ago

The prototype was just bundled in as part of the full package, and that was it. You wont get the full game for owning that bundle when it comes to itch, that was never part of the deal. IIRC it has been stated that it will eventually come to itch but, again, you will have to pay whatever price the devs put on it when that happens. If you want it now, go grab it now from the available stores. Hope this helps!



I just bought the game to support you. (I didn't know I already owned the blm prototype, though ^^)  I really hope this will get released for the iPad when it's final. I think it's a perfect fit.

Good luck and all the best! :-)

Hi Toukana! Wow! Love love LOVE this game. Reminds me so much of the old Rivers Roads & Rails board game from Ravensburger back in the day --- but with hexes and pretty music. :)

If you're still taking development wishes, I have a few:

- I've seen requests for v-sync, edge-scrolling, and tilt controls. Those are all great ideas, and I'd like to add my vote for them.

- An end-of-game stat board would be nice: largest forest/town/river/etc., total tiles used, that sort of thing.

- I'd also like a mission tracker in-game; a pull-out, maybe. Once the board gets big, it becomes easy to lose track of the mission flags and forget about something you were building on the other side of the board. 

- Placement edge highlights are a great addition, but as of now they only appear when you hover over a mission flag. Options to make highlights always visible or when rolling over any grouping would be a wonderful improvement.

In the meantime, Dorfromatik has become my new obsession. Five stars, two thumbs up, perfect ten. Can't wait to see what else you come up with.


Y'all, the version of this in the Racial Justice bundle was just for the demo. The devs have said on Twitter that a proper itch release will come later on down the road but don't expect you to get access to it from owning the bundle.


Thank you :)


Can you please update the itch.io version and provide a download link? I understand you're a small team but it's kind of shitty to put out a new version on Steam and GoG and prevent people that already own the game from accessing it.

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Hi, the version you got in the bundle with 1000+ other games for 5$ 288 days ago was the PROTOTYPE, the full game was not even released at that point. There is nothing "shitty" about this. Please don't spread this misinformation.

You can download the prototype again now :)


As many people mentioned, you,  Zwi Zausch, CHANGED this AFTER the bundle, since it was not mentioned at the time that it would be locked in this prototype form. Everybody was expecting the full piece once it was done.

Besides, what is the point on giving a "prototype" for a cause such as Racial Justice? Was it just a marketing campaign?


Again the bundle for "Racial Justice and Equality" was a 5 dollar FUNDRAISER (All proceeds were donated to the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund and Community Bail Fund split 50/50) of 1000+ games of developers who teamed up for a good cause, with many free games & even DEMOS being added to that bundle too, which is what we did. We wanted to participate and added the free prototype for Dorfromantik which we developed for Ludum Dare 46 (you can find the according page here: Dorfromantik | ldjam.com | Ludum Dare game jam )

I'm sorry if you misunderstood this.

There is currently a free Demo for Dorformantik on Steam if you are interested to play a newer version: Dorfromantik on Steam (steampowered.com)



I wanted to ask if there is a serious download page where you can download the game for Mac. 

I don't know if pages like Softonic or Mac Ocean Games are trustworthy enough and just want to know if anyone has made good experiences or more information about that :)


There is no official mac version for Dorfromantik as we can not offer support for it at the moment. For now we are laser focused on the PC release, with lots of work to do ;)


can you already tell if Dorfromantik will be available on Nintendo Switch sometime? I would love to play this game, but rather on my couch than at my Desktop PC.


We are thinking about it ;)


Hello, I have this game in my bundle for racial justice and equality but like other people, I don't have a download link. Can you fix this ?

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Hi, the version you got in the bundle with 1000+ other games for 5$ 288 days ago was the PROTOTYPE, not the full version of the game.

You can download the prototype again now :)


This game is so much amazing, I like it realy hard. When you have finished it on early access, you need a console version. This game is so perfect for playing on Xbox or ps. 

I realy looking forward to the creative mode. 

Great job men. Thumbs up. 

Thank you so much!


I like to play this amazing game, you created, but I have an older PC (Intel HD 3000 graphics). Is it possible to turn down the resoultion in the game or somehow outside the game by changing a file? Would be really helpful :) Thx

Yes that might work, although we didn't test it on such an old integrated graphicscard, so I am not sure.

Are you talking about the Prototype her on Itch or the full version on Steam/GOG?

Thx for the fast reply. I was talking about the Steam Version. Somehow I cannot change my resolution in the game menu. But on my friends pc, it works, he can change it. Maybe my graphic card is too old?


this could be a reason, what graphicscard are you using?

Deleted 2 years ago


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Hi, the version you got in the bundle with 1000+ other games for 5$ 288 days ago was the PROTOTYPE, not the full version of the game.

You can download the prototype again now :)


Dear Toukana, 

I bought the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality on June 10,2020 and your game is listed in the bundle. I would like to download your game as part of the bundle, but it seems like you have removed the option for a direct download.  Other Users who purchased the bundle seem to have the same problem.

Could you tell me how I will be able to download the game? 

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Hi, the version you got in the bundle with 1000+ other games for 5$ 288 days ago was the PROTOTYPE, the full game was not even released at that point.

You can download the prototype again now :)


bought this game part of the black lives matter bundle for $5 but now i cant download this game anymore 

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Hi, the version you got in the bundle with 1000+ other games for 5$ 288 days ago was the PROTOTYPE, the full game was not even released at that point.

You can download the prototype again now :)


thanks so much, saw videos of it on youtube but now i can play the prototype for myself, thank you & good luck with the steam launch! =D


I bought in on GOG yesterday and now I can't stop playing... HELP! :-)

Haha thank you so much for supporting us!


Hi, congratulations on the Early Access launch. I'm a Dubai-based journalist and content creator. Is there an official email address and/or channel through which I can request a code for coverage?

contact (at) toukana dot com ;)

thank you!!

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