DevlogROMANTIK #2 - Biomes, Boats and more BIG news soon...

Hello Everyone, theres lots of new stuff to share, biomes, boats, trains and rivers!

We've been working very hard to develop Dorfromantik into the experience we imagined for theses last hard months with several hurdles like the worldwide pandemic on the way. Now we feel confident that Dorfromantik is in a representable state and so we want to update you on the biggest changes made since the release of the free prototype which more than 20,000 of you played WOW! Thanks so much from the bottom of our hearts for your interest in our project and also the very positive feedback we got during the last months!

Nomination for the German Ubisoft Newcomer Award 2020

Yes we got nominated for the German Newcomer Award 2020, with the winners being announced sometime in December this year, very exciting stuff! You can find more info on that in German here.

A short overview of new additions to our current development version of Dorfromantik:

Next we want to update you on additions we made to the game, with more details on changes in a future post in the upcoming week.

Biomes, Trains, Boats and Rivers!

Yes! the game now has different biomes, so while you build up your beautiful landscape, you will pass through different settings and moods.

Currently we are still creating more of these biomes, the full game will probably have a few more, for now we want to show the standard european biome, a tuscany/provence inspired one and a more northern style biome.

Also we added Boats and Trains, aswell as rivers to the game which make the landscape feel so much more alive and interesting: 

UI Improvements

Finally here you can see our new sleeker UI! No weird To-Dos anymore, the Quests are now integrated into the game world! YAY! Also the tile-stack to the right now has an improved and clearer design which is much more readable.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned!

For the newest development updates you can always check our Toukana Twitter and Toukana Instagram, leave a follw and retweet, which helps us tremendously to spread the word about our little game.

Stay safe everyone and best wishes from Zwi and the Toukana Interactive Team!

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Here is an idea for a new tile type: A railroad bridge that allows the train track to cross the river.