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Hi, I'm on Linux (Manjaro) and I don't see the map or the stack. I can place tiles by clicking around randomly (according to the tile counter and the quests), I just don't see what I'm doing.

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I have the same problem on Pop!_OS 20.04

I'm using macOS Catalina 10.15.4. I download the file (it already comes in .app) but when I try to open it, it says it can't be opened and doesn't give a reason why :( 

OMG didn't this start as an entry to the last Ludum Dare?

Amazing how much this have progressed!

Fun, gentle game, does tend to run away into a you can't fail state as it's currently balanced.


Okay I need to say this game really hooked me and I spend way too much time with it - there is only a little thing I would like to talk about: difficulty

in the second Game I managed to get into an infinit run, so I have way to many tiles (170+) to place and there is nothing that can stop me (score: 800+)

what I would recommend is, if someone gets over a specific emount of tiles, give more complex tasks (I know I had this one task where I needed to have 6 villages with 22 houses - that was a good one)

I could imagine that it would work to make some more difficult tiles (maybe just more different terrain, that might give more options for difficult quests as wenn)

But in total - super nice, fun and very beautiful game.


Was pretty fun but got repetitive real fast. Very easy though that's the point of a casual game right? Ended with 400 pieces placed and a 100 on hand. 


Great game! I have ton of fun with it. Is there a way to DM one of the dev?

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Hi, sure you can DM us on Twitter or send us an email


Great! I've sent you an email :)

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if the game doesn't autosave, i would like a save feature and possibly a save menu for multiple saves. sometimes the game is a little long, so thats why i want the feature. Maybe add it to the "quit" menu; also when you reach 0 tiles maybe add a game over screen. Great game, im definitely going to play it more.

Hi, thanks for your suggestions! Saves will definitley be a feature in the full game, and polished menus too ;)


I love it so far, any thoughts on adding a rotate for the tiles?

Hey Lezus, giving a little bit more control over the tiles is on our list ;)


Just wanted to comment and say what a great game this is. It kind of reminds me of those edge matching puzzle/tile games I used to play as a kid where you had to match each edge of the tile to other tiles.  Maybe edge-matching could be a game mode much later down the track? 

Anyway, I am really enjoying it. The artwork is so pretty too.  I love its simplicity and how challenging it also is. The  only complaints I have (and they aren't really complaints), is that there is no windowed mode, and no save. Its not a big deal though.   

If you are open to game additions, there are train tracks so you really need train stations for an extra type of goal. "Five villages with a train station" for example. :D 

Playing on MacOS Mojave 10.14.6 (on a late 2015 27" iMac) with no technical issues so far! 


I am playing the Mac version of the game. It's incredibly addicting and I am so excited to see what else is added as you develop the game.

Awesome, thanks, we are excited too! It's also good to hear that the mac version works for you. What Mac are you playing on?

I'm playing on a late 2013 MacBook Pro that running iOS 10.14.6, so her gets pretty hot running any game but at least it runs! I'm still using Mojave, instead of Catalina which I believe is the newest version iOS, if that is also useful for you to know.


Hi! I really like this game, it has a lot of potential. At the moment it seems to get easier as you go.. currently sat on 126 tiles and growing!
I think as others have said a rotation feature would be aesthetically pleasing.
Overall, looking forward to seeing where this one goes.


Reminds me of carsassone but without the competitiveness. I actually played it hoping I'd be able to export the map and use it for an RPG. Is that something you'd be thinking of implementing in the future?


Hi! We are definitely thinking about adding a screenshot or overview functionality for the full-version. I hope I understood you correctly, or are you talking about a 3D-file, for example for 3D-printing? 


Works very nicely in Ubuntu 19.10 with an Nvidia 1060 ;)

Cool, that is good to know, thanks!

escaping doesnt work

Hey, sorry to hear that, can you elaborate a bit? which version are you using and what system?

I used Original Ludum Dare Submission (Win) and escaping didnt work.

Ah, yes we added the escape button in the new version, 2020/06/11 in that version you can escape and restartHope that helps ;)


ok thanks

you are welcome!


Having a ton of fun. I'm sure others have mentioned these things, but I thought I'd throw a couple of comments in here.
1. Would love a couple of enhancements to the highlight function. One for train tracks especially would be helpful. And maybe some sort of indicator for tiles that have multiple functions (like when highlighting fields, having something that identifies a tile is both a field and a village).

2. Some indicator that keeps count would be really helpful. Like when you're highlighting trees, having a number in the middle of each group to show how many trees are represented in that group would be so helpful. 

3. I love the art style as is, but from an aesthetic perspective, I'd love to see some tiles evolve, similar to a SimCity. Like maybe when you finish certain quests (like getting a village that has some number of houses in it), the village can evolve into something bigger or can get a unique building or something on it. I always loved it when my residential buildings turned into schools or hospitals in SimCity and this seems like it could be a good use of that. Perhaps it could even have gameplay functions? Have a railroad five tiles long to turn it into a depot or something. 

Anyway, very cool game. Keep at it!


I like where this is going! The art is nice and the maps you build take on a life of their own. Looking forward to seeing where you want to take this. 


Some of the goals are unclear. For example, have 2 groups of trees. I had about eight adjacent forest tiles and did not achieve this goal. Also, it's unclear what you are supposed to do once you run out of tiles. Do you just quit the game? A retry prompt or something would be nice. 

I also agree that being able to rotate my tiles so my town looks nicer and makes more sense would be nice simply from an aesthetic point of view! Maybe some little ponds and streams too :)


When you run out of tiles, press R to restart. Also, for the 2 groups of trees, it means 2 separate groups of trees, meaning it is divided by atleast one tile that does not have a tree on it. Although treeless tiles don't appear often, they do happen every once and awhile.

The best way to keep from accidentally combining two groups of trees is to refer to your tree group highlighter in the top left every now and then.

Also, I agree. Creeks or ponds would really add to the atmosphere of the game in my opinion. Maybe a lake tile you could keep expanding on until you surround it with ground pieces?
And with that, I think it'd be nice to have an optional feature of being able to name things, whether it's the villages, big forests, stretches of field, or the rail roads. However I think with that there'd have to be a set of requirements to be met before being able to name something, for example a village can only be nameable after consisting of 5 houses. 


Wonderful game. It's very rare for projects so early in the dev cycle to be this solid and functional, and it's good to see that you've decided to continue developing this one further. 

My main piece of advice is this: compartmentalize. Make further additions to the game modular, avoid deep and irreversible changes to the core formula. For example, as the game is right now, it can extend a single 'playthrough' of itself forever; with a save system, someone could have a 20k+ tile map months or years down the line, and keep expanding on it up until the game cannot physically handle the map any more (which is something that could be fixed or worked on, too). And while something like that lacks a solid/satisfying endgame and doesn't truly appeal to many people, I feel like it would be important to preserve it to some extent, as it fills a very particular niche that some people will really appreciate. 

Modularization of the content and mechanics expansions would allow something like that to remain, while still allowing you to change and evolve the game from the core up if desired. So for instance, you could have the option to turn on or off settings/content that directly or indirectly establish an end scenario or win/lose condition, which changes the entire gameplay experience, without it affecting other aspects like the tile variety, added mechanics, or other changes to the experience that can all work separately of whether the game is a potentially infinite relaxing builder,  a super complicated tile management puzzle, or something in between. 

The difficulty with this is that it requires a noticeable amount of extra work, planning and testing. Making sure all the 'pieces' fit together in different configurations, that they work well when mixed all together and when used just by themselves along the core, determining which ones need to be used in conjunction or are mutually exclusive... It's not easy at all, but I believe it's worth the effort. A smaller scale would help if you decide to go through, taking smaller steps will mean every one is more manageable. Hell, that last piece of advice applies to any project, whether it's something heavily compartmentalized or not. 

One last little detail, as someone with a 1000+ tile game still going; some people have mentioned that building long stretches of tiles that aren't very interconnected allows you to metagame and handle certain missions very easily. It's an issue at surface level, as when you get further into the game you can effectively turn those "ugly" stretches of tiles into a challenge of making them look good; thus, a solution to a short term problem becomes a long term problem, which I find an interesting and fun gameplay mechanic, personally. The only thing that ends up looking a bit aesthetically 'wrong' is the small, often single-tile patches of farmland that you have to place down to progress certain missions; I feel like needing a house tile adjacent to a field group for it to count as a farm (which is what I end up doing a lot of the time) would fix it, making it look like there's plenty of little family farms scattered through the land, instead of random splotches of fields in the middle of nowhere. The 'village' groups could similarly require a minimum number of houses to qualify, though I like the look of the scattered houses around the countryside, when they're grouped together they remind me of villages that are just a loose collection of nearby farms and cottages.  

Anyways, you've done a great work with this game, and I hope you keep working on it and it ends up doing well :)


Hey there! I streamed this game the other day. I loved it! It's simple but still really engaging and challenging. I'm really interested to see what the full release is going to look like.

If you want to watch my playthrough: 

Cool, I wil check it out, thanks for letting us know.


Very very cute game. Can't wait for more!

Awesome, thanks!


I adore this game, really simple and fun. I would enjoy an infinite mode where I could just have fun building a world. As I understand how it works more I'm sure I'll be able to get bigger worlds though.

Hi! A free-play mode will very likely be included in a future version!

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I feel like there are the bones of a really fun game here. I’m wondering if you’re planning on adding more variety to tile features or goals, though? While I have fun in the initial phases where there’s some risk of losing if you don’t play you’re tiles well, once I reach the mid-game, losing starts to feel practically impossible once you learn a few key strategies. I don’t want to sacrifice the laid-back feel of the game, but you end up employing the same 2 or 3 strategies for tile placement indefinitely once you have your big forest and field established, which has tended to cause me to simply quit games rather than try to actually finish them.

Hey, this is a very good point and something we are addressing already. We may have found a solution but there's still some more testing to be done. Cheers!


MacOS 10.15.5, 2017 MacBook Pro. Still not working... So sad! I really want to play this game! ):


You are not alone, I'm also on MacOS 10.15.4: Catalina it's a really bad problem for us... :'(

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Hey, have a look at tgizbert comment, it works if you unzip it with keka! I just tried and it works, have fun!

Hey we are sorry that you are having troubles, we are trying to find solutions but it is a bit difficult as none of us own a mac. Can you tell me what sort of hardware you are using? like what graphics card is in your macbook for example? Thanks!


This was a problem for me originally but I managed to get around it by using a different program to unzip the file (Keka instead of the default Archive Utility). I'm so glad I did because it's such a nice relaxing game.

Oh, thanks for letting us know! so it is maybe the unpacker... interesting


MacOS 10.14.6, 2014 MacBook. Works perfectly. Very cute and fun game you have here, can't wait to see what comes of it!

Thanks for letting us know!


This is a lovely little game, I'm really enjoying it! 

Now if only those train tracks had little steam trains running along for that extra atmosphere ;)

Trains are coming. ;)

Nice, glad to hear it!


This is my favorite game from the bundle so far. Very excited to see where you guys take this.

Wow, thank you!


really liking what i've seen and i'll be excited to see how the game develops :D


Not a game for the moment, but chilling and beautiful.

Hey, thanks, working on it ;)


This is a lovely game. As soon as I understood the specific requests that the game makes, I started having a lot of fun. I'd like to suggest the addition of goals or achievement-like things for future versions of the game, like requesting the player to build a village without fields with a given number of houses, or asking to build a rail with X straight pieces directly connected, for example. It could be a hard mode, for example.

There's also something else I'd like to suggest for future versions: having the game export a satellite view of the map at the end, showing the player what he accomplished and being able to save that in JPEG or PNG, for example.

Anyway, I love this game. You guys did a great job!


Hey, thanks for the kind words and the suggestions! A photo mode sounds awesome, and we are currently iterating on the quests and goals, so very good points to think about. Cheers!


A very nice game. I wish I could rotate the cards.

But I have a feeling that if you complete quests in advance, they won't show up later and you won't get any reward.
It's also a little hard to figure out when either the number of cards or the number of elements on the cards of a group are counted - at least the first time.

I think it would be nice, if you would have the possibility to continue building during the "Game Over" without the score counting or simply a freeplay mode in which you can skip or move tasks. ;)


It appears that the card rotation being locked in is part of the puzzle of the game. It'd probably break it in some fashion if you were able to rotate the tiles. I noticed that when you rotate the board, the tiles also rotate, in the stack to the right. I'm assuming this locking-in is intentional.

Yes exactly we locked it in because there was not much time in the ludum dare 46 game jam, but are re-evaluating this at the moment ;)


I literally love this game.
I have placed 1121 tiles this round.
Will there ever be a main goal, or will it be opend end?
(playing on win)

Hey OF5, thank you so much for playing and letting us know. Yes there will likely be long-term goals and also a free mode. Cheers!


Fun game, although I agree with the suggestion to add a "rotate tile" option. (Or would that make some of the goals too easy?) I always love to see games that run natively on Linux (Mint 19.3 on a custom System76 box) and encountered no issues at all with this one.


Unless they've changed it at some point, tiles where rotating is relevant, which is just rail tiles, already auto-rotate every time you select/reselect a tile space. So if you have a rail tile with 3 connections and you want it in a Y shape, all you have to do is repeatedly mouse over the tile you want to place it in until it shows the shape you want. 


I actually realized on subsequent game play that rotating tiles isn't a factor. (I had taken the contiguous requirement as being of the images on the tiles rather than the tiles themselves.) I knew the rail tiles rotated automatically, although having some degree of control of them would be nice.


Yeah, it's not immediately obvious, but the overlays made me realize that visual adjacency of stuff like fields didn't matter as long as the tiles themselves were adjacent. 

I'm sure a manual rotation feature is in the works, it would definitely be a great addition.

Very likely, yes ;)

Yes you got it. Also we are working on giving players more control over this. Cheers!

Thanks for letting us know that it runs on your system!

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Enjoying the game, like the simplicty of placing tiles. One thing that I would looove though would be a rotate tile button so I can point my fields towards adjacent fields and my forests towards adjact forest. Just a touch that I think would give a little more aesthetic control of how your village ends up. It seems the rails have different orientations but it's tricky to place the one you want.

Hi Amoveo, that is a good point and we are indeed evaluating many improvements we would like to make to the game at the moment. We too feel that more control over these things is necessary, so stay tuned ;)

The game area keeps running off the lower right of the screen no matter what i do. i have no game controllers plugged in to be causing any issues. and it always goes in that same direction even after i rotate the scene. :(

Hi, sorry to hear that you are having technical issues! What OS are you using? And do you have any other USB devices plugged in?

no other controllers, or anything that can make the camera do that

I see, well that is very difficult to diagnose from afar, what Operating system are you using, and what drivers do you have installed? are you playing on a laptop?

on a PC, windows 10. what type of drivers specifically? there are alot installed XD. i can say this is the only game i have that this is happening on :)


This is pretty enjoyable! It's challenging yet basic enough to play while listening to music, as was suggested.

Not sure if I really want the game to have sound or music of it's own. Maybe as an option? It felt kind of off for the game to be silent. I don't know. But good game! 

Very cool, thanks! The full game will very likely have have sound and music, an option would be very cool too ;)


Yeah, I get the no music thing but sound would be great! At least like tile placement / "todo" achieved

This game is great even without the sound though and is holding my interest - nice job!

Thank you! :)


Thanks for the linux build. Works great on my box. Mint, nvidia gt 730, elderly xeon

Awesome! Happy to hear it, thanks! Also cool to know that it runs well on your specs. Cheers!

What I cannot figure out is why sometimes and only sometimes do the tiles change while they're in my hand?  It seems bizarre and unpredictable

Thanks for your feedback! The idea was to show the possible combinations these tiles can adapt to. This is something we are iterating on in the moment, and it is very likely to change as it can confuse players. Let us know if ther is anything else that you find confusing.

Neither the latest or previous 04/24 release work on my Mac (10.15.5) - trying to open just gives a system error of "The application '" can't be opened."

Hi sparkertime, sorry too hear you have trouble with the version. We currently only have access to one Mac Book Pro with MacOS 10.15.4 to test Dorfromantik, it works fine there. Hopefully we can figure out what causes the issues on Mac!

Did you try opening it from the ITCH app? I know sometimes I have to do that.


Ah, never knew about the app before but that works. It's just the direct download which is busted for some reason

Awesome! I try it and it works, nice!


I think this is a problem with how the default Archive Utility unzips the folder on a Mac. I originally had the same problem, but after I used a different one (Keka) and it worked fine. 

On my Macbook (10.13.6) it does start but i get a weird while bloom/ screen and cant see anything. I really would love to tryout this game!

I had trouble in the past with windows versions i made on mac that did not work..

A little more touch friendly would be nice. It is difficult to exactly place tiles as they immediately stick.

Hi thinkberg, we definetely want to add touch controls at a later point during our development, the current version isn't optimized for touch unfortunately. 


Awesome, its already great fun to play. The nice little intermission in between video calls :-)

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